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What We Do


We are passionate about creating well-rounded organizations that are built on strong customer experience, healthy employee engagement, solid shareholder results, and a connection to the community.

Our goal is to help you become a self-sustaining organization that is fiscally healthy and happy, by working with you to build the right fiscal solutions for your team for long-term success beyond our partnership.


We work with driven entrepreneurs, leaders, and CEOs leading small to mid-size companies in the Pacific Northwest.

Whether you’re preparing for growth, acquiring new business, or setting your 5 year strategy, we are your partner and advisor in navigating the journey comfortably and profitably. We work with your team to help make fiscally-sound business decisions across all aspects of your company.

Strategic Planning

Analyze your current business operations and finances to create a data-driven, sustainable plan that is suitable for your organization’s unique processes, model, and culture. 

  • Financial forecasting and analysis

  • Capital need evaluation

  • Succession planning

  • 3- to 5-year strategic plan

Budget and Cash Management

Assess your organization-wide budgets and provide realistic recommendations on how, when, and where you should be spending money to keep your business on track and allow for maximum profitability. 

  • Analysis of current spending and company costs

  • Uncovering operational or profit & costs efficiencies

  • Provide financial model for budget forecasting

  • Create budget and recommendations


Sustainable Business Growth

Prepare for successful and scalable growth by applying a holistic business perspective. By putting the right people, systems, and processes in place, set your company up to consistently generate revenue and increase your financial position at the appropriate clip. 

  • Operational and/or profit & costs efficiencies

  • Mergers & acquisition opportunities

  • Establish and manage company boards or advisory groups

  • Business model definition

Team Management

Build and staff the right-sized teams for your organization’s unique operations, and provide the most-effective ongoing management solutions to drive continued success.

  • Employee benefits analysis

  • Staff training to build high-performing teams

  • Role clarity and development 

  • Staff evaluations based on tangible KPIs and metrics

Improve Current Financial Activities

Evaluate your current financial systems and build up the right channels to improve your organization’s accounting activities and processes.

  • Business productivity

  • Due diligence readiness to completion

  • Assist with bank and service provider relations

  • Debt management

Measure the Impact

Set and monitor progress on business and revenue goals by defining and measuring the right, critical financial metrics and KPIs that are tied to your strategic direction.

  • Financial key performance indicator creation

  • Goal setting

  • Progress tracking, measurement, and analysis 

  • Metrics dashboard creation

Financial Advising for Craft Brewing

We have over 20 years of experience in the beverage industry, with in-depth knowledge of the trends, expectations, and results needed to make your craft brewery a success.


We work with a variety of leadership teams facing challenging business problems. Do any of these roadblocks sound familiar to you?

How do I manage and control my business’s growth in a healthy and sustainable way?

What’s the true cost of my business and how are we performing based on margin?

Is it time for me to add to my labor force and who do I need on the team?

How do I develop a successful and profitable 5-year plan for my business?


“Rich Shawen brings a high level of financial planning and decision making expertise to our rapidly expanding environmental non-profit. He’s a critical voice for any strategic decision that impacts our budget.”

— Dan Kent —

Executive Director for Salmon Safe


Our main goal is to equip your company with the tools, processes, and skills to be successful for the long-term, beyond our work together. To do that, we often work with our clients in two main formats:

Single Project

We will review your business from a high-level, outsider’s perspective to help determine the most impactful projects to address immediately and work with you to complete them on a project-to-project basis.


Ongoing Engagement

We will collaborate with you over an extended period of time to deeply understand your business’s operations for a set number of hours per week, with the objective to have you self sufficient or placing capable people in the appropriate positions for the long-term.


Let’s discuss what your business’ success looks like.

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